keystoneKeystone NAP

Provided financing for the addition of two 1 megawatt generators, as well as providing consulting services for the deployment of a modular data site. Implemented a turnkey security and monitoring system to support six modular data containers.

computers3 orangePrinceton, NJ Data Center

Provided financing, design, construction and ongoing maintenance for 4500 sf of a white space build-out to house 120 racks for the initial development of a colocation facility.

medical110 orangeCapital Blue Cross/Blue Shield – Harrisburg, PA

Provided the turnkey replacement of two 600 kw rotating UPS systems to include a live cutover for continuous operation of the existing data processing center.

compass16 orangeArmy Corp of Engineers

Provided ongoing owner’s representative services to assist in the management and deployment of major classified data center projects throughout the US.

city21 orangeTierPoint – Philadelphia

Provided financing, design, construction, and maintenance of 2 infrastructure upgrade projects at an existing colocation facility. The first expansion included the addition of cooling, UPS, battery, and renovation of 3,000 sf of white space to accommodate new customer growth. The second project included the turnkey design and deployment of an outdoor modular power container housing redundant 750 kVA UPS systems, batteries, switchgear, additional cooling capacity, power distribution systems and monitoring systems to support a white space expansion area.

wrench1 orangeSchneider Electric

Providing engineering, project management and deployment services to support SmartShelter modular data center deployments throughout the US.

school1 orangeUniversity of Montana

Partnered with a major modular data center manufacturer to provide installation supervision, implementation of operations and maintenance procedures for an outdoor modular 30 on-campus deployment. Providing ongoing inspection and maintenance services.

screen63 OrangeUnivision/AMA

Provided design, fabrication and deployment of a modular power container to support electronic broadcast equipment in Miami, FL. The module included four 750 kVA UPS systems, incoming and out-going switchgear, batteries and associated environmental control equipment.

box39 orangePackaging Corp of America

Partnered with a major modular data center manufacturer to provide project management, delivery, field assembly and installation a 12 rack modular data center in Boise, ID with a 4 week completion.

city21 orangeTierPoint – Baltimore

Provided financing, design, construction and maintenance of two major expansions of an existing colocation facility. The project included the addition of UPS capacity, battery plant expansion, renovation of 4,000 sf of white space and additional cooling capacity to support a 150 rack expansion. Click here for more.

computers3 orangeCommscope

Providing engineering, assembly, installation, commissioning and sustainment services to support Data Center on Demand modular deployments throughout the US.

servers11 orangeAlliance Technology Group

Providing engineering, design, sourcing, deployment and sustainment services to support Alliance Cloud modular deployments in the research, education and service provider markets throughout the US.